One popular type of self defense that is available and popular with women is carrying Pepper Spray. Pepper Spray is very effective, but only when used properly. I think a better alternative is the use of sound such as an air horn or whistle. There are sound devices available to the public that are made especially for self defense.

One reason why Sound can be better is the ease of use. If a person is being attacked very seldom does that victim have time to prepare. Most Pepper Sprays are stored either in a purse, or on your belt, neither allows fast access to it. I think the worst way to store pepper spray is how it is often stored on a key chain inside a carrying case. It is very unlikely that when a person is under attack and panicking even if they have their keys in hand, they will remember how to pull the pepper spray out and use it.

Most people buy pepper spray, but never use it so they don’t have the experience of operating it. Many times the first time they use it will be against an attacker. Pepper spray can also be used against them if in a panic they fall. Noise can never be used against them since the worst thing an attacker wants is to create noise and attract attention. Most people don’t know that pepper spray will also expire. If they do know it they forget and if it is not replaced on a yearly basis there is a high chance that what they are carrying is inert.

I think one of the most important advantages noise has over pepper spray is the ease of use. The less number of steps you need to take in order to discharge your defense the better you are. With pepper spray you need to remember how to take it out of your carrying case, most pepper spray have a safety switch so you need to remember how to release it, and then you have to spray it. With an air horn its push button activated. It does not matter which direction it is pointed.

Whistles are also a very effective tool because they are easy to carry, they are light and small so are not an inconvenience and they never go bad, unless you break it. There are two types of whistles available. Type one has a pea in it and is the standard whistle most people think of. The second type does not have a pea in it, and I think is the better of the two. A whistle with a pea once it gets wet does not work. The whistle without a pea is essentially waterproof and will blow in any condition. It is also much louder and higher pitch.

There is also the possibility that an attacker is not affected by Pepper Spray or they are simply willing to deal with the pain. It is not often, but there are people who are not affected by it. It doesn’t matter what type of person it is, everyone is affected by noise and even if they don’t care about the main goal is to attract attention, which is the last thing any attacker wants.

There are many different self defense tools on the market today, but the most effective are going to be the ones that are easiest to use, require the least amount of thinking to activate and will work under any circumstances. You don’t want a tool to be inconvenient because then it is more likely that you will leave it at home or carry it in a way that will not be easily accessible.

Source by Tim Radtke

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