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  • September 23, 2022
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Search engines evolving each and every day for a better way to show the best quality results in the search engine results page – SERP – and it is absolutely critical do not fall into the trap of fail by following the fastest or the latest great methods for ranking highly in the search engines. Things that was used for some time in the past such as keyword stuffing, blog spamming, link cloaking, doorways etc. are definitely on the black list for Google, MSN or Yahoo, are not something that will last in the long run. So much methods will obtain as a website or blog to be banned for using these kind of techniques, or simply will not get ranked anywhere and all the time and efforts will be spent only in vain…

This is the unique method for a high ranking in search engines. In every niche of online business are other many legitimate ways to increase the website or blog visibility in search engines, to build a brand, a credibility in a particular niche, using quality tools, generating active leads to the own business, getting a name or a company in the front of lots of people from the entire world. For the main tool – a website/blog – there are some verified methods and principles that you need to do when optimizing a website or blog. For sure the most important part of a professional SEO method applied are to concentrate on getting quality one way quality backlinks.

It is essential to send a new website to as many websites with a high ranking, forums, directories, meme trackers, Social Bookmarking and many other the same sources possible. Of course there are the hard and the easy way… It can chooses to send manually to them, that is a long and tedious process, or it can pay someone to do it, but nobody will have nor a control about his activity… And it is very important to know exactly from where it will obtain these one way backlinks. Do not mention in the first case it is need of time to find as many free quality directories, forums, high rated websites etc…

An easy method is to use a professional software who will do all the hard work and time consuming for you. As an example, an Article Submitter Software allows you to submit an article which contain the link of a website or blog to over 800 directories and could save you an incredible amount of time. It is very simple to enter the article details into the software once and then to select the directories where you would like to submit it. Automatically this software will fill in all of the submission criteria for each of these directory and allow quickly to submit articles. Do not talk more about the most important aspect, it can be used as free tool for a long time, indeed an awesome high quality software.

Do not forget an essential thing: Page Rank is not the only way to factor link popularity into ranking algorithms, it is just one way. It is need to build step by step a brand, to become an authority in a particular niche, be always creative and visible, become a content provider, for one way quality backlinks it should be targeted the relevant category or topic for your niche, it might to be always oriented to create great quality content, use the right SEO techniques, keep a social connection, conferences – the possibilities are endless. Far away the bad methods who can destroy a brand or get a site like would be: spam in different forms, links farms, link partners without monitorize its, do not submit to FFA pages, stay out of “bad neighborhoods”, do not solicit sites that have nothing to do with your niche, keep your link directories clean of 404s or dead links. By using these rules the results will be huge in any niche of online business.


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