When it comes to web designing and development simpler is better. The main purpose a website is to give your business a face value, increase your profits, and enhance your client base. Web site acts a bridge between your business in the physical world and on the Internet. So to safeguard your online identity, below are a few points to be kept in while designing a website.

Stage 1: Project Scope

In the first stage your chosen web development company, provides the actual scope of the project aligned with the mission of your business. Some core considerations include:

• Your Target Clients

• Functionality

• Content

• Site Style

• Technology to be used

Stage 2: Website Design and Development

After the initial consultation is done, the next task is Design & Development. This is the stage, where your client bombards the constant feedback and suggestions, which you should incorporate instantly. Feedback is an important part that ensures you get the web site you aimed.

Stage 3: Testing

At this stage web designer and software programmer together perform the necessary tests. Testing is usually done by the development team; but your target audience can also provide valuable feedback. Quality testing is a constant part of the design process performed on various platforms before launching it. Once the quality trial is done your web site is ready to launch.

Stage 4: Internet Marketing

Having a mere site won’t solve the purpose. You have to hire an Internet marketing company to promote your business. To promote your business to your potential clients, a SEO expert will define META tags, keywords, and Meta description. Since your online identity is an important part of your Internet advertising strategy, a SEO consultant can work wonders for you. An Internet advertising professional specializes in the Internet optimization, thus he or she will optimize your site on the most searched keywords in your industry.

Stage 5: Constant Maintenance

Your online business identity requires constant maintenance such as updating the content, adding more services, highlighting achievements, and even showcasing the elite clients. Depending on the nature of your business you should make occasional modifications on an ongoing basis.

These are 5 vital steps and strategies to be kept in mind while shaping your online business.

Source by Jude Cunningham

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