Web designing is a process that uses developed content provided to the readers or the surfers on the World Wide Web and makes use of different web supporting software. The World Wide Web has evolved as one of the most widely used mediums for searching and obtaining information. This is the reason web pages should be user friendly and offer quality information. This will not only allow businesses and individuals to maintain a successful web presence, but also help them to earn increased virtual revenues.

Getting started

Some might find it hard to believe, but the truth is that before turning to the computer to start experimenting with web software to design web pages, time should be invested in planning the different aspects of the webpage. This includes defining;

• Purpose of the website

• Target audience

• Web pages to be included (e.g. news, market analyses etc.)

• Communication tools to be added (live chat, blogging etc.) and other related issues.

It is important to be able to test the design and the effectiveness of the website, making use of a private server, before one buys a domain. There are a number of free software suites available that allow the individuals to test their designed websites. In order to be successful at designing an effective website, one should have a basic knowledge of programming language.

When placing the developed content in the web pages, the individual should make sure to use the fonts and font sizes that are easily readable. Also the white space on the web pages should be well utilized and the content should be sectioned into paragraphs. The use of potential keywords in the content is important as it will help in generating potential traffic to the website. One of the main attributes to focus on when designing the web pages is ‘simplicity’. This is also the core element required for developing productive websites. The readers or the visitors should not be hammered with useless information as it will bore them and they will move on to other websites.

Nor should the information provided to them be too concise. When designing websites it is important to remember that web pages can be accessed by users from anywhere in the world and not all users on the internet will have high speed connections. Therefore files containing; music or heavy graphics should be added sparingly so that the webpage can be loaded easily. Last but not the least; providing smart navigation links on every page is important so that the readers can sift through the website in a hassle free manner.

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