When the dot com bubble finally burst in 2001, it proved to be a watermark event in the history of web development. Even though many people said blankly that the web was inefficient and actually over hyped, the fact is that these shakeouts and bubbles are nothing more than a normal part of every technological evolution towards progress. Shakeouts are the rare moments when a better technology comes up with different solutions to the problems faced before, so that it finally usurps the previous technology easily.

Finally, the customers get to see what is true and what is not. They get to see the black from the white, and realize which stuff work, and who really are professionally involved in this field.

Similarly, Web 1.0 gave way to a newer, brighter, faster technology in internet called Web 2.0. However, the concept of Web 2.0 began days ago, in a conference where O’Reilly and the MediaLive International brainstormed together for hours. Dale Dougherty, the VP of O’Reilly and a new Web pioneer stated that in 2001, instead of completely going through a crash, the web had instead morphed into an adventurous and highly profitable field for millions of people. The Web was more important than ever, with new software applications and websites opening up every few minutes. All the companies that had survived the fall out in the business came up with their common ideas, and Web 2.0 finally saw the light of the day.

Within a year and a half, the entire world of Web 2.0 had been firmly cemented, with almost 9.5 million citations on record. But there has been a huge controversial response to this new technology, with a few people suspecting that it is only a marketing device, while the others disagree. They think that Web 2.0 is way more than an advertising tool, and has plenty of opportunities to offer, without which one might as well as go back to the Iron Age.

So what do you think? Of course, before you answer, you have to realize the amount of benefits this Web 2.0 has brought forth. To name a few:

1. Regarding communication, Web 2.0 is an ace. Starting with some cool video sharing networks like YouTube, Web 2.0 has other social networking sites like Facebook, wikis and blogs which allow millions of people to log in everyday and start interacting with others.

2. If you have your business to promote, you can virtually do it in all these social networking sites which will not cost you a single penny.

3. Wikis have become important content displaying Web Pages where anyone can write, share and edit materials for others to see.

4. Web 2.0 has made it thousand times easier to do article marketing, be it for your business or anything else.

5. You can even use a huge amount of resources with the help of Web 2.0 and the RSS feeds on WordPress. Here, you can blog articles to social networking sites and gain a lot of exposure.

6. With the help of auto responder services only available in Web 2.0, you can collect contacts of your subscribers, and then send automated mails to them always. This way, you do not get labeled as a spammer, and you can work faster.

So, if you finally understand the worth of Web 2.0, it is not too late to get this technology working in your home. This decision of yours will spell nothing but success and money for you!

Source by Christopher J Freville

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