What is a Normal Penis Length?

  • September 23, 2022
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Normally, erect penis length is from 12 to 18cm and non-erected is from 7.5 to 10.5cm. Thickness of a normal penis is 3-3.5cm. Erected penis is called small when its length is less than 12cm and penis called micropenis when its length is less than 8-10cm.

In a non-erected state the length of penis is determined by the degree of blood filling in cavernous bodies. Cavernous bodies are a spongy mass consisting of many small vessels and bladders which, like other vessels, are able to respond on action of active substances in the blood and on effects of temperature factors. So, when the temperature lowers, in a penis occurs vessel constriction which leads to blood admission into cavernous bodies and thus leading to penis decrease. Rising of temperature causes a reverse reaction. Vessel constriction and penis length decrease also may be caused by adrenalin ejection into the blood in response to fright and other stressful situations. That is why penis, that usually is big during erection, multiply decreases in non-erected state.

Erect penis length is limited by fibrous tunic that is a texture having in its structure firm connective tissue which is responsible for limiting of penis stretching during erection.

Today is considered that testosterone level during puberty plays the main role in penis development because it determines penis length. Small penis length (less than 8-10cm) may indirectly speak about serious endocrine disorders linked with low production of male hormones. On the other hand, the big difference in measures of penis length (12 and 18cm) depends on personal differences in inguinal region anatomy and namely it depends on correlation between insidious and open parts of cavernous bodies and surrounded fibrous tunic. There is an opinion that normal level of hormones and normal development of cavernous bodies in different males due to individual characteristics showed differently developed insidious parts of cavernous bodies that are responsible for cavernous bodies attachment to pubic bones and penis fixation.

However, for most men are important their own ideas about a normal penis length that is based on personal sexual experience or on the attempt to be better than others. Statistics here is not taken into account.

How To Measure Penis Length?

Penis length should be measured in room temperature. For that purpose should be used a ruler. Penis should be measured in a erected state by its back (dorsal surface) from pubis to the end of penis head. This is the most adequate way of measure because it reflects functional penis length. Such factors as extra subcutaneous fat depot in pubic region and insufficient erection may influence on functional penis size making penis smaller.

Health is a condition of full physical, mental and social well-being and nut just absence of diseases and physical defects.

Men’s wish to change external look of penis is main indication to esthetic corrections.

The problem of penis enlargement traces its roots from ancient phallic cults. In trade and sculptural pictures of ancient Hindu prevailed males with very big penises. On Corsica Island were found phallic monuments of Bronze Age having length of 15-25cm. Extremely big penis is the main theme of numerous Japanese “night books” used over ages as an visual stimulant. In Europe in Renaissance period in vogue were male left flypiece. D. Richards explains this phenomenon: “Penis size is very important for a man. In penis is concentrated all male great pride. In penis lives the greatest part of male “ego”.


Source by Connie M. Black

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