It does not mean that everything will always go well after the completion of one site. In actual fact, it is much harder to maintain a website than to set up it. With regard to a website, it is updating the contents and services to attract more visitors and increase the Page View that can ensure the freshness of the website. As qualified SEO workers, we should make sure that our companies’ websites operate stably. The followings are some major maintaining methods.

  1. Add some new contents to the site every day
  2. It is necessary to update the site by posting some new contents. Most search engines will not care about the website if it is not updated for a long time. However, if you update regularly, search engine spider will favor your website. Moreover, many people want to know how many contents should be updated every day. Generally speaking, the number of the updated contents should be determined by the number of the total contents, usually it is about 2% to 5% of the whole content. For example, if you have a blog which has a hundred articles, then you just need to post two or three new articles per day.

  3. Write two SEO articles every week
  4. It is not difficult to write SEO articles but it is difficult to insist on writing high quality SEO articles. Writing SEO articles is one of the low-cost ways of web promotion. As the effect brought by writing articles is obvious, a qualified SEO worker should be able to do it. If you are not good at writing SEO articles, you can attend some SEO article training courses. Besides, you must add the copyright statement to your articles to avoid being altered and used randomly by someone else.

  5. Release external links for the website every day
  6. If a website has no external links, it can hardly be found by search engine spider. External links are playing an important role in guiding search engine spider to find the website, so a good website is usually supported by a large number of high quality external links. If you keep on releasing external links, your site will be visited by more people and have good ranking.

  7. Do not make great changes to the website frequently
  8. Though content updating is good for a site, revising the site greatly and frequently will have the adverse effect. Search engines always need some time to recognize and accept one website, so if the site is made great changes frequently the process will be longer. It is not good for the website page rank.

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