Search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved beyond being just the strategic placement of keywords. While it is still important, it not nearly as important as it used to be. These days the content as a whole matters more than any keyword, so we can say content is KING. Voice search is also making companies all over world to rethink their SEO strategy.

Many companies have been making effort to become “mobile friendly” in last few years, yet it is a factor that has often been overlooked so far. Currently, 100+ million mobile phone and tablet users have the Google voice search app installed on their devices.

It’s a lot easier for a mobile internet user to simply speak what they are searching for rather than typing it out. Usually users simply prefer to ask a question rather than state a particular keyword. If the content on our web site provides answers to questions mobile users may ask, it has a better chance of ranking high.

As per research, Google provides direct answers to queries on at least 19% of total searches. Clearly, the search engine inclined toward providing answers to users. If your content isn’t arranged in a way that helps Google provide answers to search queries, it could hurt your results in mobile and voice rankings.

Here are some ways we can make our website ready for voice-searches:

· Create content with a natural voice… flowing English/spoken English. Avoid using formal language. Think the same way consumers will be speaking when they do searches. By this, you will be able to get your message across in a conversational manner.

· FAQ strategy works best if you plan to create content for voice search Optimization. Answer questions such as “Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?” Address answers to these questions on not just website, but use blog and social media posts also.

· Long tail keywords are ideal for optimization: Long-tail keywords as well as keyword phrases in question form. Make them sound natural. Don’t try to force fit a keyword phrase in your content.

Moving Away from Keywords

Importance of keywords in SEO has declined over the years. Google has been decreasing the significance of keyword focused search queries, due to low quality keyword-spammed content on the web. When users use any search engine, they want to be shown relevant websites that contain actual information about what they’re looking for, not some random thrown together page with keywords spammed all over the place.

These days, voice search is making the requirement for quality content all the more essential. Importance must be placed on sentence and question based searches rather than keyword focused.

The Technology Behind This:-

For the time being, you don’t have to concern about implementing any markup codes for voice search rankings. While there are a number of technologies associated with creation of voice search, current SEO practices are enough to maintain high rankings. You won’t have to adjust your web design too much – at least for now. Just include voice search in your overall strategy.

Source by Rajive Rana

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