Where to buy fish and Chips in the Greymouth District (NZ)

You may be a newcomer to the Grey District or contemplating travelling there in the near future and may be wondering where you may buy some fish and chips. Here is a selection of places to choose from.


This is my favourite place for takeaways. It is on Bright Street Cobden on the southern side of the Grey River. From Greymouth go over the bridge, turn left and keep going for 150 metres. They make the best fish and chips in the area. It is not just a takeaway, it is also a convenience store/dairy selling a lot of other types of groceries and household items.


Runanga is 7 kilometres north of Greymouth but if you are returning from a day out to Punakaki to see the Pancake Rocks blowholes you may want to drop in to Runanga takeaways for some fish and chips on your way home. I rate Runanga takeaways on a par with Cobden Takeaways as providing some nice fish and chips.


Four Js is a general store, dairy/cafe as well as takeaways. It is on the main road at Paroa, you cannot miss out whatever direction you are driving. If you are on your way home from a day out at Shantytown and fancy takeaways for tea then Four J’s is an option.


Maca’s is on McGowan Street, the main street in Runanga. It serves the local population so if you end up living in Runanga then you will be pleased to know there are two chippies in the town. Maca’s also acts as a general store selling a number of grocery items.

MERV N’ KIPS (Tainui Street)

This is at upper Tainui Street across the road from BP.

SANTE FE MILK BAR (Turmaha Street)

Sante Fe is on that street at the back of Dixon Park. It is also handy to Anzac Park.

MAGGIE’S CAFE (Mackay Street)

This is not a takeaway but you are able to purchase fish and chips and other takeaways here during business hours usually from the morning till about 5. I mentioned it here because it is my favourite Cafe in Greymouth. Maggie’s Cafe is on Mackay Street across the road from Paper Plus.


This is a nice place to eat in or takeaway. Has a nice bar as well.

PARKYS (Marsden Road)

This is just off Shakespeare Street, serving the residential area near the high school.

Source by Robert Alan Stewart

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