With the ever-growing popularity and usage of mobile devices, it has been observed that the number of mobile app developers are increasing too. With the advancement in technology, developers today have a wide range of mobile app development platforms to choose from. However, Apple’s iOS & Google Android, are the two most popular ones with developers of mobile apps.

If you are a newbie mobile app developer and are planning to create mobile apps, then you may be confused about which one to choose, iOS or Android? Which one is developer-friendly? Apple’s iOS or Android? Well, just continue reading this article to find the answers to all the questions in your mind.

• In terms of programming language used:-

Android generally utilizes Java programming language which is very popular with developers and thus it becomes easy for them to create Android apps.

On the other hand, Apple’s iOS uses Objective C language, which could be a problem with developers not familiar with it.

• What about cross-platform app development?

Developing cross-platform mobile applications has become very popular these days. It is obvious that you can’t run Android Apps on iPhone and iOS apps in Android devices. Thus, creating native is more feasible.

• In terms of application development platform:-

Android offers an open development platform to the mobile application developers and make it easy for them to integrate any 3rd party tools within their app. This empowers them to add many more features and functionalities within their app and could help them get the desired success through innovative apps.

But Apple doesn’t allow developers to integrate any 3rd party tools or extensions within apps, and this will restrict developers in their bid to make creative, interactive and innovative apps.

• What about multitasking capabilities?

Android operating system is very flexible and empowers developers to create apps for various purposes. But, creating multitasking apps sometimes creates various issues for developers as it requires one to have proven expertise and core knowledge of Android OS.

Apple overtakes Android in this matter as it represents a more stable and reliable platform for developers.

• Testing of mobile application:-

Android helps developers to test application easily with various testing tools with proper indexing and good IDE. This enables developers to test their apps thoroughly and precisely for errors or bugs.

But Apple’s Xcode lags in terms of flexibility and features it offers to developers for testing apps.

• Approval process:-

Everyone knows how notorious Apple is when it comes to approve applications. It usually takes 3-4 weeks for the approval, whereas Android doesn’t make developers wait so long.

Thus both Android & Apple iOS have their plus and minus points. But both are the frontrunners of the mobile app development market.

Source by Edwin M Miller

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