Which One to Opt for – SEO Or PPC?

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The internet has presented us with numerous challenges. Out of which putting up a business online and thereby using several means to generate success is the most important one. Internet today is the most interactive and active platform. People from all sorts of profession and spheres of life are clicking on the internet every second. Putting up a website, advertisements and thereby generating success is an easy yet difficult job, when it comes to the internet and visibility is what you actually want when starting a business online.

Which marketing way to take

One can adapt several marketing paths to when it comes to doing business over the internet. The most important and significant ones are SEO and PPC. While you are deciding on the one that you can try in your case, try to evaluate the conditions of both and thereby opt for the one that is more affordable and even useful in your case. The one that is more advantageous and can earn you extremely well is the best one to utilize. Firstly, study and compare to understand which one can actually provide you with many opportunities and then decide on it.

Knowing SEO better

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most sought after marketing tools today. In this type of search, you will not have to pay for the people who are clicking like the PPC mode. While then again this method has its own flaws as well. SEO takes time, and depending on the competition levels of the keywords you want to rank for can take anywhere from 1 month to a year to reach page 1 and until research is done on your market and keywords, do not believe any one who claims they can get you to Google page 1. However, expert help is needed to set up the website in such a ways that it can generate interest, you need customer targeted content displayed in a Google friendly manner.

Knowing PPC better

PPC or Pay Per Click is where you can actually bid on the words you want to advertise your website. You will have to bid for certain keywords and thereby if you are highest bidder than your search will appear top of the list on the right of the Google search results screen, the next rankers take consecutive positions. The money that you have bid for will have to be paid by you whenever some one clicks on the ad that you have put up. An excellent way to keep things simple, generate the much needed right people to the actual ad. Hence, you get to pay, for the probable customers only.

While you are deciding on the benefits of the marketing strategies try to read the negative more than the positives. This will help you decide for the best of the lot. While it is always, better to start with SEO when the online business is just laying the stepping stone as it is quite flexible and affordable. Slowly shifting towards economical PPC options is the best way to proceed. There are several Pay Per Click options that allow you to put up the ads for some stipulated time after which they are removed. Go for those if need be.

In some cases it is best to use a small budget on a short PPC campaign to get your website to Google page 1 immediately whilst waiting for the SEO efforts to kick in. This way you can start to make sales straight away. Alternatively you could run a banner ad on the content network which would be a lot cheaper and probably more effective than just the text ad, you could do this whilst waiting for generic SEO results.


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