When marketing your business, it’s important to rank well in the conventional search, but it’s even more important and perhaps profitable to rank on the top in the local search. A typical consumer who is ready to buy a product/service sooner than later will be searching for your business concentrating on his local area. If your business appears in his search, you have made your appearance to your target audience and have made it even more likely for the consumer to reach out to your business.

The cost of Internet marketing

Local marketing is not any harder than conventional marketing and it need not break your business’s budget either. Traditional advertising is expensive and also does not provide organic results. By optimizing your local business listing, it’s very possible to have first page exposure. The tremendous advantage a small business has over national brand competitors is having a local address. This helps the business to appear in the organic search results limited to a certain geographic area. Mega search engines like Google and Bing have their searches tied to map features. Yahoo offers a systematic and thorough local business listing that is not based on maps but rather directly linked into their search engine. There are various new local options like Yelp, Judy’s Book, MojoPages, and Merchant Circle. These provide free and enhanced services, giving consumers important information such as reviews and feedback on their local merchant’s products and services.

Smart Phone Advantage

In today’s world, pretty much everyone is either on an iPhone, Droid or Blackberry user who has the world at their fingertips. If your business details appear on the Apps that tie into the maps features, then the organic results will provide the consumer exactly what they need including driving directions.

Most search engines have few basic requirements that if met gives your website maximum exposure. Add the business name, address, phone number, website URL, categories and a listing of products and services. Having positive feedback on your website through testimonials and reviews, encourages consumers to make a decision towards your business. It’s also important to refrain from stuffing with all kinds of keywords. This tactic works against your website ranking. Blogging is also an efficient way to boost the local ranking. Build opportunities in your area using social media where like minded people are easier to find in your local communities.

Start with the end in mind

Being consistent with how your company is described, your address and specific business related information is listed is the most vital factor for your local SEO success.

Focus on reaching local search criteria and your ability to reach “real” potential clients will explode your marketing efforts!

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