Google faces many difficulties from a large number of haters anytime it has plans to make algorithm changes and updates to their programs, such as the Google Panda update. There are always individuals who are on a mission to bring down any efforts by Google to provide better services to its customers. For example, the latest Google panda update received a lot of criticism from people who never want change to happen. You can understand the seriousness of this hating business when you find guys posting their diatribes about the update even today despite the fact that it was released several months ago.

For purposes of clarity, this does not involve people whose sites were adversely hit. Some of those people have reason to vent their fury because they incurred serious losses not to mention the kind of frustrations they had to deal with. It is reasonable for those users to express their frustration. However, there are Google haters who sit and wait for Google to make a slight mistake and they will complain about it until the end of the world. The fact that they are complaining up to this date about how unjust the Google panda update was when it was introduced is a clear indication that they just hate Google for being at the top of everybody else in this internet business. Some of them are even issuing threats claiming that they will have to revenge and make Google learn a lesson. This is totally unreasonable considering the fact that Google is simply the best.

Google has taken the right step by introducing policies that will enhance the content quality on the various websites. If your website content is of poor quality, doesn’t make sense or if it is written in poor English, it will be sent into the trashcan. This has proved to be beneficial for the readers, as they get better quality content to read. If the information is not of any use to readers there is no point in displaying worthless content and wasting precious time. You ought to present engaging quality articles and news to the readers, if you want to take your business to the next level. The reason for the widespread anger among some website owners is that they are being forced to update their complete website content, which will cost them time and money.

Ever since the introduction of the Google Panda update some Google haters have and still are threatening to boycott Google by using other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. This may be a loss for Google but if these people thought that these other search engines offer better services, why didn’t they choose them instead of Google in the first place? No matter how much they may hate it, Google still remains the most powerful search engine in the world. It will continue dominating the world of online business in the coming years and to their credit make the online world, a better place to get quality information.

Source by Paul J. Malcolm

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