With technology creeping into every aspect of our life, all businesses also want to attain success and feel the necessity to go live. Since most of the businesses are performed through the internet, including latest web solutions with effective applications are the prime need. Creating an attractive site that is highly functional and facilitates easy multi-tasking is becoming important. But the question arises, which platform should you use to get the most benefit and keep your business running successfully.

PHP is an open source scripting language that is especially suited for developing websites that can be embedded into HTML. PHP web development is popular among developers as it helps them to enhance the functions and offer great appearance to the sites. Mainly used to create dynamic pages, it is also used for custom web solutions. As it can be effectively blended with HTML, it is the most preferred programming language.

According to reports and facts, 75% of websites use PHP and that includes some giant domains like Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo and many others. But what is the reason that PHP hits the mainstream enterprise and is still forecasted to maintain its momentum in the coming many years? Let’s take a look.

Open source: PHP is available for free and the community offers great technical support and is continuously updating the core functionalities. Since it is under General Public License, it reduces the cost of development and most of its associated software like Text Editors, MySQL and Apache Server are also available for free.

Extensions: By availing offshore PHP development services, you can gain access to a large number of extensions and libraries to extend the core functionalities of your website. The source code can be easily modified to include customized extensions and components, hence increasing the extensibility of the application.

Quick and user friendly: PHP web application development is designed to work well with the web and so working with HTML and URLs and accessing the GET and POST are built-ins in the PHP language. This makes it straightforward, concise and easy to make the website. The designs are also user friendly and offer more flexibility than C, C++, ASP which helps in increasing the traffic of the site.

Security: PHP websites offer high security to the customers as it prevents malicious attacks. The security levels can also be adjusted and in case of any issues, the community is available to offer support. You don’t have to wait for a long time to solve critical issues.

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