Truth be told, Search Engine Optimisation can be as simple or difficult as you choose to make it. A great deal of any SEO Professional’s time on-site will be spent undoing previous mistakes. These mistakes may be a result of either human error or CMS functionality, however this is where the majority of an SEO’s time will likely be spent in the early stages. However, these mistakes can often be prevented by choosing the correct CMS or being equipped with the necessary knowledge to prevent such errors like duplicating content between pages, and this knowledge will generally come from either doing a little bit of research on SEO, buying a few reputable books on the subject, or even attending an SEO Training Course.

In terms of a longer-term view of your campaign, the majority of an SEO Professional’s time should be spent on creating and sourcing links to your website. All said and done, this task can be performed by anyone with only a little bit of knowledge on how Search Engine Optimisation works. The majority of Digital Marketing Agencies will charge for what are termed “deliverables” – these deliverables are generally article submissions, directory submissions and press release submissions. Some SEO Companies can charge in excess of £275 per article submission and this task, with a little bit of knowledge, is something that can be done to a similar standard by a complete novice, all it takes is time.

Whether or not you decide to take on an SEO Company or opt for an SEO Training course will likely be a decision based on your financial situation. An SEO Company is quite likely to charge in excess of £1,000 per month to run an SEO Campaign on your behalf and full day Search Engine Optimisation courses, courses that equip you with everything you NEED to know, can be purchased for as little as a one-off £195 fee. All you need to be able to do for the latter option is have a little time set aside each month, say 20 or so hours, to be able to work on the SEO on your website. If this is a realistic possibility for you, then your wallet may be best served by opting for an SEO Training course.

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