There’s no need to panic, for WordPress offers the simplest platform of customization. Countless templates and numerous widgets combined help create an exclusive blog for you, just the way you want. That’s not all, all this and much more without having to learn any of the technical programming languages such as PHP and HTML codes. Hence make the most out of your WordPress blog by exploring the newest themes, skins, widgets and plug-ins available on your dashboard.

Advantages for WordPress Customization

When you create a basic blog or website on WordPress, you get a simple yet elegant theme by default. Customization of the blog is necessary in order to give the blog your personality and style it according to your preferred theme. You may use a unique logo for your site, pick your choice of colour combinations or go for a brand name that identifies with your traits. Customizing the blog essentially gives it the overall look of what you are. Readers who stumble upon your blog instantly get an idea of what kind of blog it is.

An excellent combination of your creativity and available tools for customization on WordPress can help impress the visitors or your blog. The blog design and colour schemes also play an important role in creating new subscribers for your blog. And whenever there’s a new post/update on your blog, they come back to read it.

Obtaining Themes from WordPress

There are several free WordPress themes that beginners can choose from. One can also use the search bar on the dashboard to search for specific themes that are linked with other such blogs. To download a theme, you simply need to click the download link and save it to your desktop. Commonly they’ll be ZIP files that contain PHP files and can be easily extracted for use.

Premium WordPress themes are also available for buying. These themes are better in terms of their look and have greater possibilities of customization. So if you need a completely professional look for your website, go for the premium themes.

Installing WordPress Themes

To install a WordPress theme, you only need to extract the ZIP file to a folder and upload it to the “themes” folder that lies inside your “wp-content” folder. You will also require an FTP program to install the theme. When the upload is over, you need to log in to your WordPress via wp-login.php and activate the template. This can be done by going to ‘Design>Themes’, there you will see the new theme, select it and click the link that says ‘Activate’. Refresh your website and see the new theme installed and activated.

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