Search engine optimization, SEO, is an Internet marketing tool designed to increase traffic to your website. It analyses the frequency of “keywords” (words and phrases that people typically type into search engine boxes) and inserts those keywords in written content on your website, thereby linking your website to those searches. How high on the list you will come up in search results depends on many factors, including how often certain keywords are used in your content. All of this is fine and good, but implementing and keeping up with SEO can take a great deal of time – time you may not have. This is where hiring an SEO company becomes a very smart business decision.

Finding a company to handle your SEO can be done by doing an Internet search, and interestingly, looking for such a company will give you a good example of how SEO works. Go to your favourite search engine and type something like “best SEO companies” into the search box. You might want to narrow it down by region so that you do not have to sift through as many unusable results. If you click on some of these results and read carefully through their website content, you will probably see that the phrase “best SEO companies” actually occurs somewhere, maybe even more than once. This is how those sites get you to check them out.

You can certainly find SEO experts in this way, even very good ones. However, you might want to consult with people you know to see if they can recommend a company to you. As long as they’re not competitors, other business owners who have websites will give you an honest appraisal of the companies they use. You might also want to check and see if there are local companies based near your operation so that you can schedule a meeting with them. However, since SEO is an Internet strategy, a lot of these companies do their business remotely as they can get everything they need electronically. You might even work with SEO companies in other countries if they speak the same language. Another way to get names of SEO companies is to ask your current PC service technician. They are usually in a network of other IT professionals who can connect you to a good SEO expert.

You may have resisted contacting an SEO company because you were afraid that it was something you wouldn’t understand, but while you might not know everything there is to do it yourself, you now certainly understand enough to speak intelligently with potential services so that you can benefit from SEO in your own business.

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