I am a niche junkie and use blogs to build niche web sites on a regular basis. Whenever I build a new WordPress blog I am sure to install specific WordPress plugins that make SEO (search engine optimization) easy. Search engines tend to favor blogs because they are constantly updated with new content which gives the bots something new to crawl. You can make search engines take notice of your blogs with the following plugins that I use each time I create a new blog.

All In One SEO Pack – Installing this plugin has made SEO so much easier. You can create separate search engine optimized titles for your posts as well as meta tag keywords and descriptions.

Sitemap Generator – Having a sitemap portrays your blog as a legitimate site. A sitemap not only makes it easier for your readers to find information but the search engines seem to like it as well.

Google XML Sitemap – This plugin is essential for ranking well in Google. If you use Google’s Webmasters tools then you know that submitting an XML sitemap makes it easier for Google to search your site. This plugin puts updating the sitemap on autopilot.

Photo Dropper – If you like adding photos to your posts, this plugin makes it super easy because it searches for photos on Flickr which fall under the creative commons license. You simply search for a photo related to your topic and it will place the photo directly in your post with credit text and a link back to Flickr.

Those are the main plugins that I am sure to install with any WordPress blog that I create. I find that my blogs are even indexed faster. I’m not sure if it’s due to the plugins but I’m sure they don’t hurt. You can find all of the plugins mentioned above by searching for them in any of the main search engines or by searching the various WordPress plugin directories.

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